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Marine Biology II

Marine Laboratory - Coral Diseases at the RDC
(Royal Diving Center - Aqaba, Jordan)

Oct 15th til 31st 1999
and Oct 22nd til Nov 5th 2000

Headed by: dr.W.Waitzbauer, dr.M.Stachowitsch
Tutors: dr.J.Herler & dr.P.Zolda
(University of Vienna)



Andreas, Bernhard, Daniela, Fanni, Ines, Maricela, Nicole, Pierre, Sonja, and Stefan

Salzburg, in the month of October 1999
and updated in Nov 2000

Coral mortality in reefs is a well-known and common event. Even the healthiest reefs always contain some dead colonies among the coral aggregation. Since the aragonitic skeletons of hard corals remain intact long after the coral animal has died, they scarcely reveal the cause of their death. Coral mortality is easy to record but difficult to investigate. Hard corals can die from several reasons (tissue predation, epizootic and epiphytic suffocation, etc.). Recently, coral mortality by diseases seem to reveal yet another aspect and may well be related to worldwide anthropogenic impacts. This page highlights the photographic documentation of the field trips held in Aqaba (Jordan).
To view reference sites click these links 1999 survey or 2000 survey.


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Map CD-2 RDC
maps of Aqaba 2000


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Map 4 RDC
simplified maps of the RDC'00


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Map 6 RDC

diseased coral colonies (1999)

31 (250kB)
Plesiastrtea versipora

35 (110kB)

36 (140kB)
Rubble of Stylophora sp.

39 (130kB)
Stylophora sp.

6+? (250kB)
Acropora sp.

A8 (410kB)
Platygyra lamellina

F (270kB)
Acropora sp. left
Astreopora sp. right

F2 (370kB)
Plesiastrea sp.

F6 (180kB)
Porites sp.

Coscinaraea sp., Astreopora sp. & Lobophyllia sp.

Astreopora sp.

? (270kB)
Astreopora sp.

L (350kB)
Platygyra lamelina

M (290kB)
Porites sp.

P10 (170kB)
Coscinaraea sp.
probably C.columnae

R (320kB)
Platygyra lamellina

northern reef flat (290kB)

southern reef flat (270kB)

Saudi Border Drop Off (130kB)

diseased coral colonies (2000)

Revised Rapid Reef Assessment Protocol

32 (220kB)
Astreopora sp.

36 (192kB)
Coscinaraea sp.

P1b (240kB)
Echinopora sp.

Tourists and the Reef (190kB)

f (205kB)
Plesiastrea sp.

F2 (190kB)
Plesiastrea sp.

F6 (220kB)
Coscinaraea monilae

Fishing and Anchor damage (205kB)

TC (205kB)
Large Acropora sp.

?(MY1)? (230kB)
Astreopora sp.

MY2 (210kB)
Goniopora sp.

Rivalty b/w Octopuss and other Fish (113kB)

RRAP-6 (135kB)

P10 (195kB)
Coscinaraea sp.

P11 (240kB)
Plesiastrea vertipora

R (200kB)
Platygyra lamellina

P8 (290kB) Coscinaraea sp.