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Air PolIution in Mexico City


Major contributors, sources and effects

Dec 14th 2000 - revised April 2002


A Project-Study paper (under the supervision of dr. W. Hofmann) University of Salzburg, Austria
Department of Biophysics
and in Cooperation with the

Afro-Asian Institute (Salzburg, Austria)
Centre for Medical, Health and Environmental Physics at QUT (Australia)

presented by: M.Yip and P.Madl



Overview of Air Quality in Twenty Megacities


Mexico City on a clear day (52kB)

Political Map of Mexico (105kB)

Distritto Federal (D.F. - 100kB)

Topography (380kB)

Landuse w/n D.F.(95kB)

Atmospheric pressure (60kB)

Pollutants in automobile exhaust (50kB)




Climatic data

Atmospheric influences (310kB)

The smog machine (150kB)

The atmosphere (95kB)

Conceptual diagram of a day (165kB)

The great London Smog of 1952/53 (55kB)


Emissions - figures and facts (105kB)

Effects of SO2 (60kB)



Effects of O3 (75kB)



Effects of NOX (60kB)

NOX and DF (90kB)



Effects of VOC (80kB)

Photochemical smog (50kB)

Effects of CO (65kB)



Effects of PM (100kB)



Crude oil and gas (145kB)

Oil - supply and demand (125kB)

Oil consumption (55kB)

The cars greed for oil (60kB)

PEMEX fuel (40kB)

Urban transportation (50kB)

DF's metro in operation (75kB)

The underground system (185kB)



IMECA (140kB)


The inefficient car (50kB)

The city and its smog -1 (285kB)

The city and its smog -2 (70kB)