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other bioeroding crabs include members of the family Portunidae (subfamily Caphrinae spp. such as portunid crabs associated with Xenia spp., and other Alcyonarians), Caphyra laevis (preys on Xenia elongata), C.polita (is thought to be associated with Xienia of the Red Sea, Heteroxenia, Cespitularia spp.), Diogenidae such as Trizopagurus spp. (live under corals and feed on coral polyps), including the two unconfirmed genera Callinus spp. (live under corals and feed on coral polyps) and Chryptocherius spp. (grow along with the coral host; i.e. larvae settle on the massive coral, kill the polyps in that localized area and preventing their re-growth; the hole deepens as both the parasite and the host grow, shaping the crab's home).
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