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the amphipod Hyperia galba (predator to coral tissue), along with several copepod predators such as Paramphiascopsis sp. (parasitizes from a pocket formed in the tissue of gorgonians), Paramolgus antillianus (associated with Ricordea florida), Acontiophorus bracatus (ectoparasite of gorgonians, Leptogorgia, Eunicella and Paraerythropodium spp.), Asteropontius corallophilus (parasite of Pocillopora, Montipora, Stylophora and Porites spp.), A.longipalpus (likewise associated with Ricordea florida), Asterocheres scutatus (parasite of Rhodactis rhodostoma), Acanthomolgus spp. (four species are parasitic to Atlantic gorgonians, often species specific).
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